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Our experts work diligently to remediate water damage conditions in your home. From sewage backup to a flooded basement, our water damage specialists have the skills and experience necessary to restore your belongings quickly to minimize damage.

Our experts also use upgraded and modern equipment to clean, salvage, and restore your home. They provide inspection, assessment of water damage, and round-the-clock support to all our clients. Moreover, we use specialized drying equipment to ensure no moisture is left that could become breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Furthermore, our experts repair damaged floors, ceilings, and walls. Once the water damage repair and restoration work is complete, we fumigate and sanitize the place to eliminate all mold and other harmful bacteria usually found after water damage.

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Everything you need to know about water damage

Water damage and flooding can cause severe damage to the structure, furniture, carports, walls, floors, and ceilings of the home.

Areas prone to water damage

If there’s flooding, water can find a way and seep through the walls, floors, and anywhere it finds a way.

However, some of the housing areas are most prone to water damage. Hence it would help if you looked out for them. They include places like:

  • Basement: Since these sit at the lowest levels, they are most prone to water damage and flooding. Moreover, most houses also have water heaters and pipes passing through their basements. So any leakages could cause significant water damage in the long run.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are places most exposed to water. Hence leaks, and plumbing issues, are highly likely to occur in these.
  • Laundry and Kitchen: The laundry and kitchen house the washing machines, dishwasher, refrigerator with dispenser, and other appliances. If these devices are faulty, they may develop leaks and water damage.

How to prevent water damage

Water damage can cause wreckages worth thousands of dollars. Hence, it’s essential to take care of water damage in time. Keep a check for leaks, faulty appliances, and leaky hoses. Make sure to replace all hoses in a timely manner.

In case of leaks, call in the experts fast to repair the damage and avoid future possible pipe bursts. In addition, consider insulating your pipes during the cold, harsh winters. Moreover, keep your sewage pipes in check. Regular maintenance and upkeep are the keys to avoiding water damage.

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Unveiling the dangers of water damage and mold in Midland

Water extraction is just phase one of water damage restoration works. Once everything is cleaned and restored, we are often left to deal with mold. Mold is the most likely outcome of all water damage. It spreads fast and in hidden damp spots, so often, it’s only visible once it’s well spread. It causes severe health issues and respiratory problems.

Black mold

The toxic black mold is usually found in buildings post-water damage. This is because it requires a highly moist environment to grow. However, it takes work to classify the mold based on appearance only. This is because many other types also appear black or green but may not cause physical ailments.

How to combat mold from water damage

Mold spreads very fast, so it’s essential to identify and immediately use ways to destroy it. The mold on the walls and other surfaces can easily be wiped off using bleach and vinegar DIY solutions.

However, for the mold deeply entrenched within the walls, wooden floors, furniture, and carpets, depending on the severity, you may have to replace and apply professional fixes. Also, mold also spreads and causes health issues as its airborne. So we need extensive mold testing equipment and fumigation to completely rid the area of it.

Midland Water Damage Pros has mold-detecting equipment and tools to find and remove mold of all kinds. Get in touch with our fumigation team today to learn more.

Tips to identify different types of mold

It’s essential to check for water damage and mold routinely, time and again. If the situation follows water damage, mold growth should be monitored till the place is completely dry. Then, professional assistance must be sought to find and combat it at the roots.

Mold can appear in about all colors and sizes. However, it is usually identified by its texture, smell, and appearance. At the same time, there are different kinds of mold; black is the most prevalent and deadly.

There are many species and types of molds, so it’s often challenging to distinguish them based only on appearance.

Types of mold

The most common types of mold found the houses are allergenic molds. These cause severe allergies like runny nose, cough, asthmatic conditions, and breathing difficulties. Usually, the new mold appears white, whereas the older mold may appear green or darker. According to CDC, there are three types of molds usually found in homes:


This allergenic mold usually appears black, white, or yellow. The mold lives on soil, crawl spaces, and dead leaves.


This type looks green, brown, and black. It lives on moist surfaces like wood, wallpaper, carpet, and wall paint.


These are usually blue-green and appear fluffy. These usually thrive on food.

Basement flooding in residential homes

Basement flooding could result from heavy rains, storms, burst pipes, or thawing snow.

Since the basements are located at the lowest point of the house, they are highly prone to flooding. Basement flooding can cause extensive damage to your structure and other possessions.

It’s not just heartbreaking but can also be potentially fatal for the residents to live in a flooded basement.

Since the basement has many electrical outlets, a flooded basement could also carry a water current. Moreover, gas leakages could also occur, making it a significant safety hazard.

Ways to prevent basement flooding

A few steps in the right direction can prevent basement flooding and minimize future damage. Here’s what you can do to avoid flooding emergencies:

  • Install a sump pump if you don’t have one and keep it functional.
  • Keep all drains and gutters in check for any blockages and problems.
  • Insulate your pipelines.
  • Maintain a stable indoor temperature all through the winter.
  • Keep an eye out for leaks and seepage.

However, if, despite your efforts, you find yourself in a flooded basement, contact Midland Water Damage Pros. We provide 24/7 emergency services and use advanced tools and equipment to minimize water damage.

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Ceiling water damage

Leakages may cause ceiling water damage on the roof. For example, if you have a bathroom or any construction on the top, leaks could develop there. If there isn’t any structure, the leaks could be due to heavy rains, storms, or condensation.

Ceiling water damage can severely affect the structure and lead to mold. While water damages all kinds of ceilings, the most prone roofs to water damage are:

  • Drop-tile
  • Drywall
  • Plaster ceilings

They can quickly come off and get damaged due to any moisture and water spots that form up the roof or ceiling.

How to deal with ceiling damage

The only way to deal with ceiling damage is to call the experts. Professional services, like Midland Water Damage Pros, can help identify the leaks’ causes of damage, fix them, and restore the complete ceiling quickly. So, call us today to book an inspection slot.

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When you find a damp spot, report it immediately to an outstanding water damage restoration service. You need prompt service efforts to ensure the damage is contained and your home can be a safe place to live in again. Always look for holistic water extraction, cleanup, and mold removal services.

Our network of water damage professionals provide comprehensive support and services for water damage restoration. They take all the measures to ensure your home is restored to its original state without delays. They also provide mold detection and fumigation services.

Furthermore, with our teams’ advanced drying equipment, they ensure to leave off no traces of water and leaks that could lead to the further development of mold and bacteria. Call us today for immediate water damage restoration and water damage repair to prevent lasting damage to your home.