Top 5 reasons to hire a water damage expert

Water damage can occur in any part of your home at any time. It may be due to a pipe burst, a storm, leakages, floods, or sewerage troubles; the list is endless. Whatever the case, our homes can have a flooding emergency any day (or night).

Flooding cannot be resolved by only water extraction. When water comes in, it causes much damage. Therefore, all the damage needs to be taken care of, and the place needs to be restored to its previous state quickly so residents can continue to reside peacefully.

That’s why you need professionals and experts for water damage control.

What can cause water damage?

There are many causes of water damage and flooding that could affect the living conditions in a home. However, here are a few leading causes of water damage.


Small leakages in the plumbing lines could become more significant problems. These leaks are, in fact, the leading cause of flooding and water damage in most residential places. High water pressure, corrosion, leaky joints, weather extremities, and broken connectors can all cause water damage. At times it’s hard to find the source of the leak; hence you need professional maintenance and inspection from time to time to ensure your plumbing is intact and doesn’t pose future risks.

Clogged drains

Drain clogs are primarily the result of debris, food particles, and other items that form grime over time and lead to a backup. Therefore, cleaning the drains and gutters regularly would be best to prevent blockages and backup.

Malfunctioning appliances

Water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers, and all appliances connected with the water supply, if they develop faults, can cause water damage. Ensure these are installed right and attached securely to the water hose. Also, regularly replace and maintain your water hoses, so there are no leaks that cause water damage.


Weather conditions like rain and storms can also wreak havoc on the house’s foundations and cause extreme water damage. Weather water damage situations include floods, heavy rains, tornadoes, and harsh winters.

5 key reasons why you need experts for water damage control


Professional water damage controllers often provide 24/7 services to control and combat water damage. Services like Tall City Water Damage Pros provide holistic water damage control and immediate response to clean, dry, and disinfect the area within the shortest time possible.

Here are five key reasons you should hire professionals for water damage.

Mold remediation

Following a water flooding situation, mold is the most important thing to look out for. Mold can easily find its way and breed through wet and moist surfaces. Since the insides of the walls and home are still damp after a flood, it provides an attractive place for the mold to develop and spread.

While the naked eye may miss it, professionals have the right tools, disinfectant materials, and detectors to locate mold from the deepest corners and kill it.

Quick service

In case of water damage, you need fast action. If you try to take it on yourself, you will be shorthanded and may not be able to extract the water in time. Professional companies come equipped with machines and people for the job, and they know time is ticking. So they act fast, immediately stop the water flow, and extract water from the house.

Expert advice

Professionals have experience dealing with flood situations, while it may be your very first time standing in the middle of the water. They can offer expert guidance and opinion about which items can be salvaged, insurance clauses, and the extent of damage and control required to remediate the situation.

Tools and equipment

Professionals have all the tools and equipment needed for water extraction, cleaning, and mold removal. They are also well-versed in their usage. They have all the powerful pumps, dehumidifiers, dryers, vacuums, and air filters.

Minimizes costs

Hiring professionals can help you save up on thousands of repair work. Since they know the extent of damage that can occur if they delay the water extraction, they get to work fast. They bring in the required workforce and backup to ensure the place is safe and clean within hours. That avoids high repair costs such as those you could incur in drywall reconstruction and water strain.

To sum it up, water damage restoration can be an exhausting job. Water extraction is just the start; depending on the situation, it may need more than a few buckets to clear up the water damage. Hence it would be best if you had professionals for the job.

They provide quick service to restore your property and provide quick service to restore your property but help you save on considerable future losses by identifying and rectifying the leaks and sources of water damage.

If you have been the unfortunate sufferer of water damage, call Tall City Water Damage Pros, and help will be just minutes away.